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Hasley Scarano is committed to providing the full range of high level patent services for our clients, including patent procurement services, strategic counseling and analysis, handling of post-grant proceedings, and litigation of patent infringement issues.

Patent Procurement

The firm prepares, prosecutes, and maintains patents for its clients on a global basis.  We are not a high volume patent prosecution mill, but rather focus on patents that are strategically important to our clients' businesses.  We develop a global protection plans that are consistent with the client's objectives and we have experience filing patent applications in every major country. Our experience enforcing and defending patents in litigation gives us a practical understanding of how to obtain broad, enforceable patent coverage.  From our patent work we have developed substantial expertise in a variety of technologies such as:

Finally, we understand that patent procurement requires efficiency and control of costs. We are well-versed in prosecution budgets and other similar requirements specific to our clients' needs.

Strategic Counseling Analysis

An important part of our patent practice includes providing strategic counseling and analysis for our clients. Such counseling includes providing detailed analysis and recommendations for our clients' patent portfolios, rendering opinions on patent validity, infringement, and freedom to operate, assisting with the development of patent policies and procedures to maximize protection of our clients' inventions, and other related issues.

Post-Grant Proceedings

The recent passage of the America Invents Act provides important challenges and opportunities for our clients.  This Act establishes post-grant oppositions, inter partes reviews, and other important post-grant proceedings. We believe that these proceedings offer a cost-effective way to eliminate risks posed by others' patents.  At the same time, our clients need to be prepared to defend their own patents in this new arena.  Hasley Scarano is focused on providing a premier post-grant patent practice.

Patent Litigation

Rarely is being involved in a patent infringement suit a business objective for any client. While our first priority is finding ways to resolve disputes without litigation, we also understand there are times that litigation cannot be avoided.  Under those circumstances, Hasley Scarano knows the importance of developing a sound, goal oriented strategy, and then implementing that strategy with zeal and determination.  We have extensive experience in litigation and trying patent disputes of all sizes, from multi-million dollar competitor cases to inventor and small company cases.  While we enforce patents and defend our clients in courts across the United States, we are particularly experienced representing clients in the Eastern District of Texas, the country's patent litigation hot-bed.

We understand how expensive patent litigation can be, so we have developed an efficient, cost-effective litigation model. We offer various traditional and innovative fee arrangements depending upon the circumstances.

The firm practices in all areas of intellectual property including:

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